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wall4The goal of our self defense training at Japan Karate Academy is to teach our students the necessary skills to survive and stop an attack by another individual at close range. We believe that everyone should be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones, should the need ever arise. Our instructors provide self defense classes for men, women, and children of all ages and of all fitness levels. At Japan Karate Academy, we feel that self defense is a skill set that everyone should possess and be comfortable with.

At Japan Karate Academy, we teach self defense that helps our students be prepared for a number of real world situations. We incorporate self defense techniques that apply to both standing and ground fighting to ensure that our students are always ready for anything. We understand that the world can be a dangerous place and that it is not always kind, and in our self defense classes, our students will learn how to fight back when life tries to knock them down.

When you learn self defense with us, you will learn a number of restraints, punches, kicks, escape techniques, pressure points, and many other lifesaving techniques from professional instructors in a safe environment. The skills that we teach are designed to be easy to learn, so that you are able to remember and replicate them, should you ever have to use them. Our self defense instruction will teach you valuable skills and is a great option for clubs, businesses, groups, and individuals of all ages.

At Japan Karate Academy, we have helped many people in Monroe, MI arm themselves with the information and skills that they need to properly defend themselves in case of a personal attack. Our students leave our academy prepared and confident in their physical and mental ability to provide self defense in a number of situations. Do not leave your personal safety to chance, schedule self defense training with us today, and be ready for anything.

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