wall2Karate is a discipline of martial arts. This art form was developed decades ago in the Ryukyu Islands, which are located in what is now a part of Japan called Okinawa. Karate was created out of the indigenous martial arts practices of the people from the Ryukyu Islands and also with influences of Chinese martial arts. This form of martial arts consists primarily of striking maneuvers that include kicking, punching, elbow strikes, and knee strikes. At Japan Karate Academy, we are proud to teach this ancient art to our students.

Technically, a person that teaches the art of karate is a Karateka, but since we are in Monroe, MI, and not Japan, you can just call our teachers karate instructors. Our karate training builds off the fundamentals of this discipline, and our students will learn how to control their bodies and emotions through our carefully crafted lessons. We want to help you get the most out of your lessons, and we strive to improve physical and mental awareness in a safe and encouraging environment.

We teach fundamentals as well as advanced skills at our academy. Students that train with us will learn the art of striking, open hand techniques, grappling skills, throws, restraints, joint locks, and vital point strikes. When you work with a karate instructor from our academy, you will get personal attention and professional guidance. Regardless of your level of experience, at Japan Karate Academy, we are sure to have the perfect class for you, as we offer karate instruction for all age groups and all skill levels.

We can help you to reach a higher level of personal gain through our educational and safe karate training. Our full schedule of karate classes makes it easy for everyone to find time to learn the art of karate at our martial arts studio. Stop by today, and speak with one of our instructions about learning karate at Japan Karate Academy.

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