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Would you like to increase your overall level of physical fitness while also learning a highly respected discipline? At Japan Center of Martial Arts, we offer many great classes that can get you into fantastic shape, and our highly skilled instructors can train you in the art of Karate, or other disciplines, in a safe and fun environment. Our martial arts studio is located in Monroe, MI, and we cater to all different levels of experience. We offer great prices on our class packages, and our classes are offered at convenient times. 

We want to help you improve yourself through a number of fun and engaging practices. At Japan Center of Martial Arts, we promote a healthy lifestyle, a balanced mind, and we teach our students patience and how to trust in their physical abilities. We work with all different age groups and fitness levels. Our instruction will teach you a number of useful skills sets under the supervision of a trained instructor. Our classes are aimed at increasing physical fitness, balance, coordination, and discipline.

Our martial arts studio is located in Monroe, MI and also servicing the surrounding area of Bedford, Lambertville and Temperance, Michigan.

When you choose Japan Center of Martial Arts, you will have access to experienced instructors and many training options. It is our mission to always offer the best instruction and the best prices in Monroe, MI. We have worked hard to maintain our pristine reputation as the best martial arts studio in the area. At Japan Center of Martial Arts, we have a great selection of classes, and we are sure to have the perfect course for you. We offer professional training in:

We want to help you achieve your physical goals and we consider ourselves the “School of Champions.” Whether you are new to martial arts, or looking for a higher level of professional training, we have what you are looking for. If you are looking to get into peak physical shape while having fun and learning a new discipline, connect with us at Japan Center of Martial Arts today. We would love to discuss our class schedules with you and see which of our great sessions would This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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